About Us

I am paraplegic and use a wheelchair full-time following a car accident 30 years ago.  I have always tried to look after my health and keep as independent and mobile as possible. Time has inevitable effects on all of our bodies however and as we age it is increasingly important to spend a little more time looking after ourselves.

I began experiencing pain and weakness in my shoulder a few years ago and through gentle stretching I managed to eliminate the pain and bring back strength in that shoulder. That is when I realised that regular yoga is a great way to maintain flexibility that has such an impact on our posture, strength and the health of our joints. As wheelchair users we of course tend to overwork our shoulders and arms which also impacts our neck and back, and due to sitting our joints in the lower body  such as hips and knees can get very tight. Yoga is a fantastic way to address our posture, flexibility, strength and general well-being. 

I have completed the Advanced Chair Yoga Teacher Training Programme with Yoga Vista Academy and a training  course with Accessible Yoga. Now an Accessible Yoga Ambassador, I am grateful to be able to share the many benefits of yoga with other wheelchair users. 

My aim with Sitting Fit Yoga is to create a friendly and welcoming environment for wheelchair users to come together and practise yoga that is adapted to their needs and can be done in or out of the wheelchair.   

Our premises are wheelchair accessible, calming with a beautiful outlook and off-street parking.