I have always been keen to try yoga but have been too nervous to join a big class.  Nina instantly put me at ease and is flexible in making sure that the stretches and movements work for everyone in the class, whatever ability.  It really has made a difference in easing my upper back pain and also made me aware of the importance of keeping my neck, shoulders and arms flexible.

Nicki, T7 paraplegic

I highly recommend wheelchair yoga as it has enabled me to increase my flexibility through various exercises and safe in the knowledge that I am not over doing it and causing my body harm. It has also helped focus the mind through breathing exercises. On another note, my spinal injury is relatively new so to meet and talk with people with similar injuries to myself but with a lot of experience has been great.

Sean, T12 paraplegic

I enjoy coming to chair Yoga as it helps to keep my back and neck supple as I tend to suffer from a stiff neck and back. It also helps to stretch my hips and helps relieve the pain I get in my thigh. I find the atmosphere relaxing and would highly recommend these classes. 

Mike, T12 paraplegic